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December 2023

10: What does it truly mean to be agile?

On this new podcast episode, Christi Stern (Consultant in Talent and Organization) and Shaun Betts (Partner of Infosys Consulting’s Agile Practice) engage in a conversation about what it truly means to be agile. Many organizations believe that ‘doing’ agile is the goal. It is actually about ‘being’ agile, and in order to become this, a systemic view should be considered before embarking on this transformative journey. Shaun discusses how agility isn’t a tick-box exercise of methodology and that in fact, is about people being the heartbeat of transitioning to agility – driving adaptation of their behaviors in adopting new ways of working. Have a listen to how organizations can manage complexities by living the values of agility.

Cultural Awareness in the Workplace
September 2023

09: Cultural Awareness in the Workplace

As part of Infosys Consulting’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, we are pleased to launch our new podcast: Cultural Awareness in the Workplace. This series will create a space for our colleagues and leaders to share their lived experiences working in multicultural environments and how they embrace lessons on adopting cultural sensitivity. Our goal is to help develop awareness around national and corporate cultures that shape our interactions with clients and colleagues alike.

In this episode, we speak to Mick Burn, Partner and EMEA Lead for our Talent & Organization practice, about how organizational culture is so important and how to nurture it.

Employee Value Propositions and Digital Upskilling
June 2023

08: Employee Value Propositions and Digital Upskilling

The world has changed, and organisations need to ensure that they align the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to a fast-paced, digital, constantly changing working environment. This is what attracts and retains talent. Flexibility, adaptability, and future-focus are important concepts to embrace and ensure that productivity remains high. Mick Burn, our EMEA Partner in Infosys Consulting’s Talent and Organisational practice, speaks with Christi Stern about why an EVP is important, what it actually means to have one, and what an EVP can do for employees and organisations.

Fashion Retail & Supply Chain: Don’t Just Blame IT
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June 2021 

07: Fashion Retail & Supply Chain: Don’t Just Blame IT…

In this episode our fashion retail expert and Associate Partner from our consumer goods, retail and logistics practice, Balaji Santhanam, is the special guest on Supply unCHAINED podcast. Balaji discusses the technologies that are shaping the fashion industry and why some implementations tend to go wrong. He shares his insights on the top technology trends and the importance of embracing sustainable practices, while giving a shout out to companies that are leading the way: CLO Virtual Fashion Inc., DressX on product development, Flexe, BionicHIVE in logistics, Slash Packaging for sustainable packaging, Shopify on B2C and EON digital certificates and lablaco for digital certificates.

How digital corporate banks can be a hidden lifeline for economic recovery
April 2021

06: How digital corporate banks can be a hidden lifeline for economic recovery

In this episode our Financial Services practice leader, Jayakumar Venkataraman, is the special guest speaker for the IBS Intelligence podcast hosted by Robin Amlot. IBS Intelligence is a leading global pure play financial technology research, news analysis, and advisory firm. In this episode, Jayakumar explores the impact of the pandemic on the banking sector and the rapid increase in COVID assistance loans that have driven banks to rustle up digital solutions on the fly to meet demands.

Supply Chain Resilience
April 2021

05: Supply Chain Resilience

In this episode our global head of Consumer Goods, Retail and Logistics practice, Andrew Hogenson, is the guest speaker for the Leaders in Tech and E-Commerce podcast hosted by Alcott Global which regularly interviews the top entrepreneurs, experts and executives in the supply chain tech and eCommerce space. Andrew shares some great insights on how clients can build supply chain resilience and what big box retailers can do to “correct” their supply chain and inventory. He gives his perspective into the latest trends and exciting new developments in retail and consumer goods such as ‘endless aisle’ and how it can be extended to partners and suppliers, and the impact of the ‘microchip crunch’.

April 2020

04: Leading with Influence and Impact During Times of Crisis

What surprising impact has COVID-19 had on productivity? And what leadership decisions have proven most effective as organizations manage projects during the sudden shift to remote working?

In this episode of Navigate Disruption, we speak with Milan Dave, Associate Partner at Infosys Consulting. Milan has been working closely with a client on a major transformation effort as they transition to a remote working model in response to COVID-19. Milan shares his learnings and observations from his daily experiences and discussions with his clients, as well as the surprising impact the sweeping change has had on productivity. Milan also addresses important opportunities and risks that leadership should monitor in the weeks and months ahead, and reports on what decisions have proven most effective.

March 2020

03: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom of Agile at Scale

Why doesn’t the concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) always fly with business decision makers? And why is the notion of ‘failing fast’ in serious need of an upgrade?

In this episode of the Navigate Disruption podcast, Eric Krell talks to Infosys Consulting Associate Partner Shaun Betts on why banks and other financial institutions are embracing organizational agility, the bottlenecks that can hinder progress on these initiatives, and crucial drivers of success that often get short shrift, like mindset shifts, cultural adjustments and behavioural changes. Shaun also discusses why we should move away from some conventional agile concepts like MVP and ‘failing fast’ to ensure the business is fully aligned with the agile agenda.

February 2020

02: A Deep Dive Into the Future State of Logistics Outsourcing

As natural, political and operational disruptions become the new normal in today’s global supply chains, how can shippers and 3PLs better collaborate to drive value in logistics?

In this episode of the Navigate Disruption podcast, Eric Krell talks to Infosys Consulting Associate Partner Melissa Hadhazy about the 2020 Third-Party Logistics Study, the longest running and most detailed look at the current state of logistics outsourcing. Sharing some of the most valuable insights from the study, Melissa zeroes in on challenges and opportunities related to data management, the expanding financial impact of logistics, and the blurring of boundaries when it comes to defining what a 3PL, 4PL or even a 5PL, really is.

October 2019

01: A Roadmap for Reimagining Healthcare Through Digital Innovation

As disruption upends the traditional service delivery model, what types of delivery model, talent management strategies and advanced technologies do healthcare providers need to thrive?

In this episode of the Navigate Disruption podcast, Eric Krell talks to Infosys Consulting Associate Partner Ellen VanBuskirk about the new delivery models, technologies, skills and organizational cultures that healthcare companies are embracing in the face of global disruption. Ellen also discusses how the industry’s digital leaders are improving efficiency and enhancing the patient experience by deploying RPA, machine learning and other advanced technologies.

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