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Supporting the transition towards customer-centricity, digitization and operational excellence in the energy sector.

With the evolution of today’s energy market, organizations must be prepared to reinvent themselves and adapt quickly to maintain operational excellence in the face of an uncertain landscape. Strategic planning, risk management and ongoing digital transformation are now the competitive differentiators in the market – and will only continue to heighten in importance as we emerge into the new normal ahead.

Our team has extensive experience accelerating digital transformation opportunities in the energy and utilities space. We offer a well-planned path to digital adoption, enabling businesses to become genuinely agile, customer-centric and innovative despite the shifting landscape. Through our skill-set and deep industry knowledge, we help our clients to transform customer experiences while maintaining cost and operational efficiencies.

Areas of Specialization

  • Managing customers – leveraging AI and advanced analytics to power customer personalization to reduce attrition and capture new revenue streams
  • Planning your growth strategy – road-mapping to help to achieve competitiveness and fund your future journey to win new markets
  • Improving operational performance – embedding resiliency and flexibility throughout your organization through innovative new tools and best practices
  • Leading an innovation agenda – defining your strategy forward for managing legacy assets and making smart investments in new disruptive technology

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Simon Tucker

Simon Tucker, Global Practice Head

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