Consumer Goods, Retail & Logistics

Transforming traditional organizations to digitally-centric business models, driving new revenue streams and inspiring innovation.

We help some of the largest global firms and the most recognizable local brands solve their biggest challenges in today’s age of constant disruption and price pressure. With services spanning growth strategy and execution, sales and trade promotion management, supply chain, and intelligent enterprise enablement, we help clients achieve consumer relevance at scale through the power of disruptive technology.

With constant pressure on the bottom line, our experts are highly-versed in uncovering hidden opportunities across the organization.

Areas of Specialization

  • Elevating the customer experience – driving and delivering an omni-channel, personalized experience to grow revenue streams
  • Unlocking the power of data – creating a data-driven enterprise for strategic insights and better decision-making
  • Rationalizing your IT portfolio – taking a holistic approach to IT to significantly improve efficiency and optimize investments
  • Supporting your growth agenda – pinpointing the best innovation domains for investment and planning your ERP vision
  • Accelerating digitization – harnessing AI and disruptive technologies for measurable ROI

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Scott Clarke, Global Practice Head

Scott Clarke, Global Practice Head

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