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Leading the industry through M&A, market expansion and disruptive technology adoption programs.

Our clients across the communications, media and entertainment sectors are the backbone of today’s rapidly evolving information economy. New business models, industry mergers, customer personalization and AI-led disruption of business operations are just a few of the trends that we are helping a number of large brands to navigate, and win new market share around.

Our experts thrive in a constantly-innovating industry, and have the experience to help you drive large-scale transformations that will impact your bottom line, and unlock new growth opportunities for the enterprise at large.

Areas of Specialization

  • Managing your customers – driving insights, personalization and growth programs at scale
  • Accelerating 5G services – helping you navigate the transition from strategy to execution
  • Managing cyber risk – taking a comprehensive, future-looking view of cybersecurity and privacy
  • Optimizing your deals – supporting M&A planning and future-state organization design
  • Supporting telecom innovation – creating new service offerings and business models for a competitive edge in today new marketplace
  • Harnessing new technologies – building AI Centers of Excellence and process innovation

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Peter D'Amato, Global Practice Head

Peter D’Amato, Global Practice Head

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