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Helping enterprises comply, protect, and plan for a safer future

Secure Your Tech Landscape and Build a Reliable Organization with Infosys Consulting

Experts predict that 2023 will be a consequential year for cybersecurity, and a comprehensive strategy is now an essential pillar to business success. At Infosys Consulting, we offer an industry-leading approach with cutting-edge solutions, including robust frameworks, execution expertise and a deep understanding across industries and geographies. Through the relationships we own in the market, and the strong advisory capabilities we possess, Infosys Consulting brings a differentiated offering to our clients that creates real impact at scale.

A Snapshot of our Key Cybersecurity Offerings

Our industry leading cybersecurity solutions are helping enterprises to comply, protect, and plan for a safer more predictable future.

Cloud Operating Model Framework

Due Diligence Advisory

By failing to conduct proper cybersecurity due diligence, major vulnerabilities could be acquired in the M&A process, exposing the organization to potentially catastrophic cyber threats. Our team of advisory experts support and lead this process and help ensure a deep and comprehensive view of the M&A opportunities ahead.

Cloud Spend Optimization

Standards & Requirements Harmonization

We help organizations establish an enterprise program to address silo approaches to risk and compliance, to improve efficiencies, and reduce testing costs associated with compliance and regulatory requirements. In addition, the harmonization of cybersecurity allows companies the ability to align requirements with business strategy and objectives.

Cloud Strategy Roadmap

Fraud Detection & Prevention Analytics

Through advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, our experts build and deliver comprehensive fraud detection and prevention analytics. These capabilities power organizations in their analysis of complex data sets to help identify new fraud trends with speed.

Meet The Team

Our team of highly-specialized practitioners have worked in business, government, law enforcement, and national security agencies to solve today’s top cybersecurity challenges. Whether data and systems protection, regulatory compliance, fraud detection, or automation capability development, we possess deep expertise in creating resiliency and business readiness to ensure organizations can operate safely and securely.

Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams
N. America Partner
Gerald Alston
Gerald Alston
N. America Associate Partner
Jim Wheeler
Jim Wheeler
EMEA Associate Partner

Media coverage of our cyber security experts

TechRepublic<br />

Metaverse adds new dimensions to Web 3.0 cybersecurity

"Much of what brands are doing in the metaverse is being done by creatives in the company, and in my experience, the CISOs are not being invited to the dance, so the creatives are creating these metaverse experiences for the brand," Williams said. […] Protecting your brand is probably the biggest thing you have to worry about in the metaverse — not creating the brand in the metaverse."


The Art of Calculating the Cost of Risk

"Potential fines for failing to properly contain risk could end up costing far more than the risk you were trying to mitigate, and it is not always a cybersecurity matter, says Joseph Williams, partner of cybersecurity at Infosys Consulting. He cites Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, which "just got hammered by the Illinois legislators for violating [the state's new] biometric [law]," as an example."


Cyber Security, Espionage, and UCC Systems

"Think of it as a crime of opportunity, Williams shared, if a hacker understands there is an easy way in, they will likely choose to expose any weakness they find. He continued, further telling me that, "Internal IT tends to place too much trust in believing UCC system vendor assertions about platform security." .

Venture Beat

Does the Google consumer data privacy fine go far enough?

"Also, regulations and directives from regulators are not always clear, said Joseph Williams, partner of cybersecurity at Infosys Consulting. "So, companies seem to be willing to skate on the very edge of what might be compliance so they can optimize their revenues," he said. "When regulators disagree with where that edge is, the result is that companies get fined or pay settlements."

Information Week

Can You Recover Losses Sustained During a Cloud Outage?

"Still, wiggle room is negligible for all but a rarefied few. "There're probably fewer than a half dozen users of the cloud -- Netflix comes to mind -- that have enough market power to negotiate," observes Joseph Williams, partner of cybersecurity strategy at Infosys Consulting."


3 ways China's access to TikTok data is a security risk

"Politics and business in China are inseparable," said Joseph Williams, partner, cybersecurity, at Infosys Consulting. He argues that "the Chinese government could focus on specific users, specific keywords, or specific video sequences to identify whatever they might find interesting."

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