The AI Journal

Introducing the AI Journal

As AI and disruptive technology continue to progress, our biannual AI journal will strive to deliver lessons learned from the academic community, early adopters, industry analysts, and our own experience delivering real-world solutions alongside our clients.

The articles are designed for both the AI strategist and the AI practitioner, with detailed insights on both the promise and the pitfalls of new theories, approaches, and techniques across the spectrum of AI.

Graph databases: discover a new frontier in analytics. Helping your business stakeholders change the game in frontline decision making.

Graph databases are an emerging trend in the analytics world. In this article, we outline why they are critical in shaping the next frontier of data science, AI and machine learning.

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Double down on scaling your AI: capture immense, untapped business value.

Most organizations have yet to scale the true potential of artificial intelligence. In this article, we introduce vertical AI and why it offers businesses an opportunity to ‘go big’ with artificial intelligence.

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Machine learning to better identify product and market synergies

Personalization through AI is the next frontier for innovative business analytics. In this article, we look at how businesses can use machine learning to better identify synergies of products and/or markets based on purchase data alone – saving significant time and cost.

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A new approach to forecast accuracy: improving forecast accuracy to significantly increase business value

Forecasting is crucial in consumer goods, but there is often a disconnect between metrics and actual business needs. In this article, we look at a better way for data scientists to evaluate forecasts for improved business outcomes.

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