Technology business management (TBM) is a strategic approach that bridges the gap between IT and business. It enables organizations to make informed decisions, optimize IT spending, and deliver value to stakeholders. On the other hand, cloud FinOps brings financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud, enabling your business to get the most value from every dollar in your cloud budget.

Our Approach

At Infosys Consulting, we tailor our TBM and cloud FinOps services to your organization’s current state and desired outcomes.

Our approach includes:

Identify Key Players

1. Identify key players

We work with your team to identify key stakeholders and define their roles in the TBM and cloud FinOps process.

Assessing the current state

2. Assessing the current state

We conduct a thorough assessment of your current IT landscape.

Defining desired outcomes

3. Defining desired outcomes

We work with you to define measurable outcomes that align with your business objectives.

A Snapshot of our Key TBM and Cloud Offerings

We offer a range of TBM and cloud FinOps services including:

Portfolio rationalization

We help you optimize your IT portfolio, eliminating redundancies and identifying opportunities for consolidation.

Cost transparency

We provide clear visibility into IT costs, enabling informed decision-making.

Value conversations

We facilitate conversations about the value of IT, helping to align IT and business objectives.

Cloud spend optimization

We help you gain the ability to identify, govern, and optimize your cloud spend more effectively..

Meet Our Team

Meet the experts who will guide you through the TBM and cloud FinOps journey. Our team brings a wealth of experience in IT and business management.

Mike Shaklik
Mike Shaklik
Global and NAM Head
Chris Leigh-Currill
Chris Leigh-Currill
Partner and EMEA Head
Shan Yong
Shan Yong
Partner and APAC Head

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