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Our global partners share their knowledge with top-tier industry publications

Associate Partner Mary Lou Gardner, discusses holiday shopping habits among shaky consumer confidence, extreme weather, and inflation

“The main challenge occurs at the backend of the season when 16-20% of the products get returned. With cost of handling, labor, inflation, and fuel prices all of that cost eats right into a retailers bottom line. Retailers must adapt their return policies to succeed.”

Partner Sachin Jangam, explains why more UK retailers seek to break into the US market

“While the U.S. is by no means immune to some of the economic challenges other countries are facing, commercial real estate costs have gotten cheaper, which gives an opportunity for retailers to grow their footprint.”

CEO Andrew Duncan, discusses why resiliency is a journey that can help organizations successfully navigate the evolving and volatile climate

 “As we enter a new era of continued turbulence in the markets, true resiliency can enable businesses to absorb stress and thrive in changing circumstances across all organizational areas.”

Partner and cybersecurity expert Joseph Williams, highlights the importance of considering all risk factors when investing in cybersecurity

“This is my mantra: If you’re not factoring, if you don’t identify the risk, then you don’t factor in that risk to the cost of the project.” 

Partner and Head of Consumer Goods, Retail, and Logistics Andrew Hogenson, discusses why retailers are reducing their return windows and adding restocking fees ahead of the holiday season

“If consumers get burned by unclear or costly return policies, there is a very high probability they won’t come back.”

CEO Andrew Duncan, discusses how we help clients leverage emerging technology to solve tomorrow’s challenges

“These challenges could be big problems or opportunities that are yet unmet or even undefined but, if conquered, could win new markets and perhaps shift the balance of power within an industry. In some cases, it could even entirely reinvent the way a company operates.”

Partner Bob Ellis, shares his thoughts on how Zoom, MS Teams, and Slack are affecting employee productivity

“People only have a certain tolerance level and then they just check out…”

Managing Director of Germany Ann-Kathrin Sauthoff-Bloch, explains why there’s no simple answer to the question on hybrid working

“Companies therefore now have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the last two and a half years by finding a working model that best suits their workforce and positioning them as an attractive employer in the competitive job market” 

Partner Ravi Nagarajan predicts the Top 5 trends that will shape the consulting industry in the next decade

“As these trends strengthen over the next few years and become mainstream, Consulting firms will do well to adapt to these earlier than later to avoid transitioning from the ones helping clients navigate their disruptions to the ones being disrupted themselves.”

APAC Managing Partner Anmol Jain, shares his views on the role of innovation in business transformation in exclusive interview

“Innovation helps organizations adapt, learn, and grow.”

Partner and Head of SURE Simon Tucker, spoke to CNBC about the consequences of Russia’s gas squeeze in Europe and the necessity of rationing

“Rationing, which will especially impact energy intensive industries like car makers, chemical companies and cryptocurrency mining, can’t be ruled out.”

Partner and Head of CIO Advisory Shan Yong, talks about the best ways you can start your metaverse journey

“With the metaverse still in its infancy and an abundance of ambiguities making planning challenging and investment risky, it’s tempting to push it further down your list. However, delay too long, and you also risk giving yourself an insurmountable technological handicap…”

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