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We are in the midst of a global crisis, one that is impacting organizations of all types across almost every industry. To help you as business leaders navigate this complex phase and the issues and opportunities around it all, our global industry experts have compiled a series of assets to assist in your journey ahead.

Cyber Security

The current crisis has forced almost everyone to become dependent on the internet, including collaboration tools and conferencing systems, like never seen before. In cyberspace, dependence creates vulnerability, and malicious attempts to exploit this sudden, unplanned societal shift online have proliferated. Law enforcement officials report that criminals are selling fake Covid-19 cures online, posing as health organizations in phishing emails, inserting malware into online resources, and trying to hack corporate data through the new home office employee. Best-practice procedures can also be side-stepped by employees as they adjust to life working remotely. Right now, organizations must maintain business continuity while adjusting and scaling up security programs to protect against the latest hidden cyber threats to ensure their organizations and employees are safe. In this Point-of-View, we explore some of the issues and opportunities ahead for top leadership.

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Andrew Duncan – Partner, European Co-Lead and Cyber Expert
Andrew joined Infosys Consulting in 2019 to drive our strategy and growth agenda in Europe. In this role he leads a talented organization of consultants that deliver innovative work for some of our biggest global accounts, while being very active with client development activities across the region. Andrew is a life-long consultant with a very successful and diverse background in the industry, having served in CEO roles for several technology and services companies. He possesses over 25 years of leadership experience, with a strong background in the consumer, financial and professional services sectors. Earlier in his career as a partner for AT Kearny, he helped start up the firm’s IT strategy practice and a number of other new service offerings. He also built and co-founded a large professional services business that was subsequently acquired in 2007 by Capgemini.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The current crisis will be a powerful agent of change across the industry in the months and years ahead. The entire value chain will be impacted, presenting a vast array of new opportunities and challenges for firms operating in this space. Innovation ahead will be driven by new technologies and advanced digital capabilities that will help accelerate speed-to-market and enhance areas like R&D, clinical trials and the global supply chain, to patient monitoring and regulatory affairs. Our life sciences team encompasses some of the industry’s brightest experts that are engaged in a number of strategic and operational programs across the top life sciences organizations. Please read their Point-of-View to learn more about the opportunities and challenges ahead for the industry.

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Ed Francis – Partner and Global Head of Life Sciences
Ed leads our life sciences practice globally and oversees our offerings, client pursuits and go-to-market strategy across the industry. His team is a collection of some of the brightest experts in the life sciences space – they possess a broad set of rich experiences in helping top organizations transform their operations and deliver shareholder value. Ed joined Infosys Consulting in 2019 from West Monroe Partners, where he was the national life sciences industry lead overseeing a diverse portfolio of over 20 top clients. Prior to that, he served as the managing partner for IBM’s life sciences strategy, transformation and analytics practice. Ed was also a partner with Accenture and led their life sciences supply chain and Midwest region consulting practices. Ed has an MBA from Syracuse University, masters in manufacturing engineering from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the US Naval Academy. He serves as an executive editor and senior industry advisor for DistilINFO supporting two publications “Healthcare Digital CIO” and “Healthcare M&A.”

Financial Services

The Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown have caused significant impact to the global economy, with stock prices tumbling and uncertainty becoming the standard of the day. Banks have been affected in varying degrees; for example, those with exposure to the worst hit industries (travel, retail, manufacturing etc.) have been impacted more than those with exposure in consumer goods and healthcare. The pace of economic revival will depend on multiple factors, including restoration of global supply chains, effectiveness of the lockdown and speed of medical advancements. With so many variables, banks will need to maintain enough flexibility to drive growth through both an economic downturn and the eventual recovery. This Point-of-View looks at the impacts of the current crisis on the financial sector and outlines the key remedial actions that banks should take in the short, medium and long-term in order to survive.

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Also, be sure to read our piece HERE on the CARES Act and how financial institutions are playing a leading role ahead in the economic recovery.

Rajesh Menon – Partner and Global Head of Financial Services
As managing partner of the financial services and insurance practice, Rajesh leads one of our largest teams globally across Infosys Consulting. Rajesh has been with the firm for 17 years and has played a number of leadership roles during this tenure. He started the regulatory compliance practice in 2005, which has grown into one of the strongest offering areas in financial services. Since being promoted to partner in 2009, he has played a lead role in growing our footprint across the capital markets, banking and insurance segments. Rajesh has helped drive large transformation programs across various themes, regulatory compliance , commercial banking, wealth and asset management with clients like Citigroup, Wells Fargo, American Express, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, UBS and Allstate, to name a few. Some of his industry-leading thought leadership is featured on our Insights digital platform. These include “Capturing next wave of growth in banking: a Post Covid-19 roadmap”, “Reinventing Wealth Management in the Digital Age” and “Reimagining Investment Research”. Before his consulting career, Rajesh spent a decade in the capital markets industry. He is an alumni of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Mumbai and Stanford Business School, and is based out of our New York office.


The insurance space is probably more impacted from the current crisis than any other. Firms large and small are grappling with how to ensure continuity of operations and keeping a strong financial foundation, while safeguarding the well-being of staff and customers around the world. As a result, number of companies are aggressively looking at how to redesign business processes with a heavy technology infusion as they prepare for a future less dependent on human labor. A number of other factors will play a major role in how insurers come out of the crisis and steer their organizations into the future. Our team of experts have compiled a short Point-of-View on the current landscape and how some top insurance companies are already responding.

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Yogesh Bansal – Partner, Insurance Practice
Yogesh has been with the firm for 18 years and is one of our leading subject matter experts for the insurance industry in North America. Yogesh and his team have played an instrumental role in developing our offerings in the areas of policy administration transformation, CRM, business and technology consulting, and CxO advisory. During his career he has led many of our top life insurance accounts and helped some of the largest brands in the space transform how they operate and go-to-market in a highly-complex space. His expertise helps clients reduce operational costs and achieve regulatory compliance with enhanced competitive standing and revenues. He has made a tremendous contribution in increasing the footprint of our practice across the region and has played a key role in strengthening our recruitment and people management operations.


As providers of critical infrastructure, regulated utility firms will likely survive this crisis better than most. However a number of serious challenges in the short- to medium-term exist. Immediately, utilities’ focus has been primarily on ensuring the health and safety of workers, field staff, and customers. Utilities that had already invested in digital capabilities, such as a remote work infrastructure, automation and mobility capabilities, are better able to adjust to this new normal, and to provide better and safer service to their customers. A number of utility firms are already taking the next steps to enable their field force with automated processes and technology, including augmented reality/virtual reality and other advanced digital capabilities to minimize person-to-person contact. The current pandemic has underscored the importance of accelerating digital transformation opportunities for the industry to be better prepared for the future. Our experts have prepared an in-depth Point-of-View to help you navigate your path forward.

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Ralph Trapp – Partner, Utilities Practice (Europe)
Ralph leads our utilities practice in Europe, helping drive large-scale digital transformation for some of the top players in this sector across the region. He possesses nearly 25 years of experience in strategic and operational business transformation, working mainly in the utilities space throughout his career. Prior to joining Infosys Consulting, Ralph held various leadership positions with Accenture in Germany, including managing director for over a decade. He is a sought-after subject matter expert from our clients and regularly speaks at industry events.
Ron Thompson – Partner, Utilities Practice (N. America)
Ron is a veteran leader within our utilities practice in N. America, managing a number of our client programs across the sector during his 8 years with the firm. Working with leaders of Fortune 1,000 companies, he has led a number of end-to-end IT-driven business transformations, partnering at the CxO level as a trusted advisor and ensuring the delivery of measurable business value. These transformations include large ERP implementations, driving innovation, developing IT and business strategy, and ensuring highly effective organizational change management.

Oil & Gas

An industry ripe in resources and capital has suddenly been plunged into a reservoir of volatility as a result of the current crisis we are witnessing. The oil and gas industry is now engulfed in its fourth significant and unexpected downturn of the twenty-first century, as economic factors ranging from geopolitical tensions, to increasing climate irregularities, and the developing price parity of renewable energy resources have all further amplified the Covid-19 crisis. To understand how companies can prosper in today’s uncertain conditions, our team of experts analyzed how various industry participants responded to recent downturns in the last decades and explores how some of the latest technology innovations will play a key role in shaping the industry ahead.

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Ramakrishna Manne – Partner, Oil & Gas Practice
Ramakrishna joined Infosys Consulting in 2004 and currently heads up the North America energy practice, managing some of our key accounts across the sector. He has 26 years of management consulting experience in oil and gas, oilfield services, refineries and chemical industries, helping clients with their digital and advanced analytics transformations. His teams have led innovative work to help some of the largest players in the space innovate and create value through technology-enabled programs. Rama’s insights are regularly featured on our firm’s digital platforms and in industry media, and he is also a sought-after speaker at client events. He is based out of Houston, Texas hub office.


The manufacturing sector accounts for nearly 16% of the global GDP and is one of the biggest industries impacted from Covid-19. The current crisis is accelerating the change of global value delivery models, with unprecedented consequences for manufacturers and supply chains in virtually every market around the world. Mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on manufacturers and supply chains requires both new approaches and new forms of collaboration to increase overall resilience. In this Point-of-View, our team of industry experts share their outlook for the sector overall, and provide strategic advice around four key areas that companies can impact going forward.

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Bob Ellis – Partner, Manufacturing Practice
Bob is a veteran at the firm, joining Infosys Consulting in 2006 as part of our Enterprise Change practice. He’s worked with clients across a number of industries on their strategic agendas, with a focus on supporting top management. He now also oversees our Manufacturing practice across N. America, helping to oversee some of our firm’s most innovative client work with leading brands in the space. Bob’s career spans more than two decades delivering business adoption services for global, multi-country ERP-enabled business programs and digital transformation initiatives. His team is made up of some of the brightest individuals that drive organizational change management, training and learning, gamification, and strategic change solutions that impact company culture and organization design. He is passionate about our firms culture and is heavily involved in recruiting, talent management and brand-building programs for the organization.


Like many other sectors, the Covid-19 impact to the Hi-tech industry has been significant. The unique complexities of global supply chains that are critical to Hi-tech manufacturers’ success have caused short-term supply constraints, but have also triggered companies to re-evaluate their core operations processes and capabilities. We predict that a lasting legacy of today’s crisis will be how companies enable new ways of working and empowering their employees to drive collaboration, enable flexible policies and create a human-centric culture well after the pandemic is over. Our team of experts have compiled a short Point-of-View describing how the Hi-tech industry has been impacted, along with some of our recommendations and predictions for the future.

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Steve Seo – Partner, Hi-Tech Practice
Steve joined our manufacturing practice 14 years ago and has led many of our high-tech clients, combining strategic advisory services with large-scale business transformations. Steve’s focus is on developing go-to-market strategies and implementing new business models for our clients across this space. His signature work is with one of the world’s largest tech brands, having grown our capabilities multi-fold for this client over the last years. Steve is passionate about building high-performing teams that deliver outcomes that exceed client expectations while mentoring individuals and nurturing our firm’s talent. He also spearheads client outreach and engagement programs for our San Francisco office and leads our campus recruiting activities at the University of California – Berkeley, where he also received his undergraduate degree in economics.


According to the National Retail Federation an estimated $430 billion in revenues will disappear over the next three months. These are testing times for retail organizations and brands alike. While grocery stores are dealing with an unprecedented spike in demand and inventing innovative solutions to manage restricted operations and contactless delivery, apparel and specialty stores have taken a heavy impact from store closures and unsold products on shelfs. The challenge is how to survive the present while re-imagining for the after-effects of the crisis. Our retail practice experts have compiled a Point-of-View on how the sector can rally for the future with 6 key steps to improve productivity and performance.

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Harish Gudi – Partner, Consumer Goods, Retail & Logistics Practice
Harish leads our India organization and is a key member of our consumer goods, retail and logistics practice. He brings a wealth of experience to the organization, as he possesses nearly 20 years of Infosys group experience working across various roles in delivery, sales and consulting. Harish joined the Infosys Consulting team in 2013 to head our talented offshore global delivery organization, which is some 400+ consultants. His team has managed large-scale client programs with some of the biggest global brands in the space, helping them to innovate and transform. His organization is also critical in helping our on-site teams to deliver the very best blended capabilities to our clients around the world. Harish is regularly featured across our Insights thought leadership platform with industry-leading points-of-view, including Gaining an Edge with Last Mile Logistics and A New Approach to Customer Relationship Programs.


The pandemic has cemented telecom’s place as a critical infrastructure around the world. Millions of users are now familiar with digital tools and remote working solutions. Organizations themselves are better equipped to manage a sudden rise and fall in network traffic. Industries such as healthcare and education that were under-investing in new tools such as telehealth are now aggressively doing so. Above all, this is an opportunity for companies to earn the long-term loyalty of their customers and partners. Our team of experts have created this Point-of-View to help you understand the various responses of major telecom players followed by recommendations on how telco leaders can approach different scenarios of recovery and renewal ahead.

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Roger Gibson, Communications, Media and Entertainment Practice Head
Roger Gibson – Communications, Media and Entertainment Practice Head
Roger joined Infosys Consulting in 2015 to lead the set-up and growth of the telecomms practice in the region. He also played a key role in establishing a number of large energy and utility clients for us, and has expanded our office and consultant presence throughout Australia.

Today he also serves as our APAC regional head, looking after our talented teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne. Roger has a rich background in transformational change, both as an executive and a consultant, and has focused primarily on infrastructure-based industries. He has over 20 years of experience working in various leadership roles at Telstra, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Downer Engineering. Roger graduated from the University of South Wales with a master’s degree in commerce.

The CIO Agenda

The role of the CIO is becoming even more elevated and critical with the current crisis. The technology chief has become central in ensuring a technology backbone that supports critical business dimensions and enables business continuity. Today’s CIO probably has more exposure and influence than ever, and we believe that CIOs who successfully guide their companies through this difficult first wave will be well-positioned to emerge from the crisis stronger and poised to capitalize on new market opportunities ahead. In this short Point-of-View, our CIO Advisory practice experts share their outlook and offer several ideas on how to plan for the new normal ahead.

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Vishwa Shenoy – Partner and Global Head of CIO Advisory
Vishwa leads our global CIO advisory practice, helping some of our top clients innovate and transform their IT organizations. For the last few years, his talented team has been driving a number of strategic advisory engagements for the N. America practice. He has nearly 20 years of experience having worked extensively with clients mainly in the financial services, banking and insurance space. His areas of expertise include IT strategy, cloud adoption, enterprise agile transformation, IT modernization and cost optimization. Prior to Infosys Consulting, Vishwa worked at ICICI Bank and IBM.
Ian Watts – Partner and CIO Advisory Practice Head Europe
Based in our London office, Ian leads our European CIO Advisory practice, servicing blue chip clients across a number of industries, including the telecoms and utilities sectors. He has over 25 years of experience in technology leadership, with a track record of delivering large-scale change initiatives for organizations looking to restructure or grow. Ian is a sought-after subject matter expert and brings significant experience in delivering technology-led transformation programs in complex, multi-vendor environments.

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