Cultural Change Readiness – The Crucial Success Factor in Achieving Agile Transformation Success

In today's fast-paced business world, being agile is often the crucial element for achieving success. Many companies are striving to shift their work methodologies towards agile principles in order to be more responsive to changes. However, why do so many of these...

The cloud transformation office: Where innovation meets strategy and seamless transformation happens

Cloud transformations face challenges across multiple areas leading to risks and unplanned delays. Cloud transformation challenges based on cloud industry research: According to the 2023 State of the Cloud report conducted by Flexera1, the top 5 challenges...

Cloud Value Unlocked: Accelerating Adoption and Innovation with a Product-centric Cloud Operating Model

The value of the cloud remains elusive as 53% of organizations using the cloud have yet to achieve expected outcomes1 and continue to experience a series of challenges adopting cloud impeding the rate of transformation and their ability to leverage advanced cloud...

Optimizing cost using spot instances

A key discipline in public cloud computing is cost optimization, which refers to the process of managing and minimizing the expenses associated with running compute workloads using cloud services. One important cost-saving component, which has emerged are spot...
Energy Systems of the Future

Energy Systems of the Future

The energy industry is evolving at a rapid pace due to many factors; from the acceleration of the energy transition, new sources of energy production being introduced into the energy mix, increasing electrification across industries, changing customer behaviors and...

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