The user-centric approach in workplace transformations

After start of the COVID pandemic in early 2020, many personal and professional lives were put upside down. One of the most important changes that this historical event left us is how companies and employees have changed their vision and expectations of workplaces....

Infosys Consulting partners with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) to help the UK become a data-led economy

At Infosys Consulting, we believe that effective use of data can help businesses understand, plan, and manage the pressures of today’s disruptive environment, including rising energy costs, workforce concerns, inflation, and supply chain disruption. However, as many...

First Contact – Reinventing the customer connection with the Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)

The needs and expectations of the present-day customer are that business services are "always-on" - available whenever and wherever the customer wants to interact with them. Over the years, as a primary channel for customer engagement, your contact center has been the...

Digital M&A Series: Part IV – Digital Playbook for Accelerated Integration

With 60,000+ M&A deals and ~6Trn USD in value, global M&A activity was at an all-time high during 2021 despite the pandemic. M&A activities are likely to gather more momentum and continue to stay as one of the primary growth drivers in the foreseeable...
Demystifying Australian CDR

Demystifying Australian CDR

Australia's open banking regulatory framework, consumer data rights (CDR), since its launch in Jul '20, has made considerable progress in the banking sector, with the energy and communication sector to follow. CDR is an opt-in service for the customer upon consent....

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