The Impact on Financial Institutions – International Payment Transformation

In the previous two articles in this series, we discussed the disruptions caused by Covid-19 to the payments industry and why banks need to make a significant change in their operations. In this concluding part of the series, we will discuss how these changes will...

Critical factors to succeed with your data-driven transformation

After many years of successful or attempted digital transformation, businesses are accelerating the next data-driven transformational wave in response to the pandemic. While placing data at the center of their transformation process should result in an autonomous,...

Time for Change – International Payment Transformation

Our previous article in this series discussed the digital disruptions faced by the payments and financial services industry due to the pandemic. It is time to know why banks need to make a significant change in their operations now more than ever. The industry has...

How to build Engaging and Actionable Banking Dashboards

Dashboards in banking are pivotal in gaining a deeper understanding of the business as it opens the door to the large amount of data being generated daily. Banks have always used data more meticulously than other industries because of the need from different...

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