Moving from command and control to servant-leadership: A Q&A with Shaun Betts

By nature, agile teams need to be empowered, self-organizing start-ups with the power to make their own decisions. But when an organization shifts to this new way of working, there’s bound to be a change in roles; in particular, managers must move from a traditional...

Cyber Security: Managing Incident Response and the Role of Insurance: Part III

In my previous two posts (Part I, Part II), I’ve explored general awareness related to cyber security and ways to prevent breaches, two foundational elements of overall corporate health and risk management.  As many of us know, however, it’s impossible to fully...

A CEO Mandate for Basic Cybersecurity Hygiene: Part II

In my last post on cybersecurity, I explored the two primary objectives of cyber hackers: information theft and the extortion of money. What is interesting about both of these goals is that they start in similar ways. Bad actors either find a vulnerable technology via...

Tech-driven strategy has become a pervasive board priority. Here’s why no organization can afford to miss out.

Firms continue to accelerate their digital capabilities. But as customer interactions and internal operations continually increase organizational reliance on technology, a surprising number of CEOs and Boards have been slow to fully embed digital leaders into the...

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