5 Ways COVID-19 will Affect the UK Tech Sector

With the third largest digital technology sector in the world, the UK is undeniably a global tech leader; many of the world’s best-known companies use innovations from us to fuel their businesses. But with COVID-19 having significant impact on the economy, it is...

COVID-19 – 7 Predictions and 8 bold actions; Healthcare will never be the same

The COVID-19 virus has had a devastating impact on our communities, personal health and economic vitality. Our healthcare and life sciences experts offer 7 predictions and 8 bold actions on how to address the needs of population health while speeding the return to normal business activity

5 Ways to Maintain Agile Best Practice in a Distributed Team

Agile is a framework employed by organizations across the globe to become more efficient, nimble and customer-centric. Co-location is core to agile methodologies because it maximizes the team’s ability to communicate in person. However, with the current pandemic...

5 Tips for Socially Distancing at Work (While Maintaining Productivity and Effectiveness)

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing many offices to shut their doors and institute a remote working model.  While some of us may be welcoming the opportunity to work in our pajamas, social distancing from the workplace comes with risk. Now more than ever, employees need...

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