Integrating Your Shop Floor to the Data Center

How manufacturers can implement cloud at scale and improve margins.

How Women can Empower Each Other to Thrive in the Tech World

The closing article in this compelling three-part series on gender diversity explores 8 top tips on how women can empower each other at the workplace…

The Glass Ceiling isnt’t invisible. How Firms Can Truly Shatter It.

Shattering the infamous glass ceiling is an uphill battle without a silver bullet that can annihilate the barriers. So, where do we start and what should senior leaders do to reshape the workplace, trace, and terminate hidden bias, morph attitudes and perceptions to make an organization truly inclusive? Read on…

Harnessing sustainability to drive value from your IT investments

More and more individual investors and investment funds are changing their strategy from investing in companies with a poor track record across ESG to investing in companies with sustainability at their core. An example of this is a recent announcement by UK Pension...
Bracing for the Returns Avalanche

Bracing for the Returns Avalanche

With 70% of customers today believed to make a purchase decision based on the returns policy of a retailer and 60% expecting returns to be handled within 7 days, the pressure is on for retailers to get the returns issue right in 2021. So, what are the solutions that retailers can embrace to mitigate the increasing cost of returns this year?

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