5 retail predictions for 2019

How brands can thrive and not just survive in the “Phy-digital” age.

How to Reskill Talent in a Quickly Changing Economy

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the need for large organizations to integrate digital expertise is pressing. How can firms tap into their current talent pool and blend in digital innovation in a way that respects their existing foundations?

Conversational Commerce – Reinforcing Trust as the New Currency

With AI-powered chatbots, virtual personal assistants and voice-controlled devices taking the commerce space by storm, what is the right strategy for retailers and brands to stay relevant?

Now Hiring: CIO of the Future

With the market in a flux with tectonic shifts at play, the very DNA of a CIOs’ role has changed. A visionary CIO of the future is the need of the hour to translate data-driven insights into cutting-edge innovations.

Leveraging Workplace Personas for Employee Productivity

Workplace personas when married with the right technology enablers, can become the perfect solution to address the problems of under productivity and generalization of employee profiles. It is a powerful tool that can unlock additional and hidden capabilities in individual workers, and enhance organizational growth, health, profits and overall success.

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