Navigating the Shifting Utilities Landscape with AI and Automation

The utilities landscape in the UK has drastically changed in 2020. With COVID-19 increasing residential consumption and disrupting staffing, customer dissatisfaction is on the rise. Consumers have high expectations for a quick resolution, even in a unique global...

Operational Risk Assessment- 5 Steps to Understand Your Risk Position

During times of external shocks that test the limits of an organization, mastering operational excellence can make a significant difference in economic resilience.
Infosys Consulting’s financial services practice has developed a dedicated service to assess operational risks. It is an “out of the box” approach, adapted to your current pain points and requirements and structured to deliver the expected output, supported by Infosys’ best-practice experts. 

Navigating the COVID-19 Storm with Supply Chain Control Towers

COVID-19 has had a massive effect on supply chain efficiency, leaving behind a trail of challenges. Infosys Consulting can assist supply chain leaders to ensure that your business is positioned well for the rough seas ahead—and can thrive when the storm begins to fade into the distance.

The 6 Ps of Agile to Consider in an Organizational Health Check

As we start to see the glimmer of hope beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, and think about what the future holds, it would seem a good time to reflect and take stock of your organization’s ability to be lean, thrifty and yet continue to expand and deliver first class...
Navigating towards successful vehicle routing and scheduling implementation

Navigating towards successful vehicle routing and scheduling implementation

Vehicle routing and scheduling (VRS) continues to be a profitable business, due to the increasing importance of last-mile delivery and growing customer expectations. In this article, Senior Principal Josh Kowall outlines three key decisions that can help organizations successfully implement VRS in order to stay competitive.

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