Re-imagining Financial Advisory in a Virtual Setup: Transforming the Client Experience

Although wealth management firms have been offering phone-based advisory services for some time, firms that offer virtual financial advisory can transform their clients’ experience by providing personalized, seamless, and integrated services at low costs.

6 easy solutions to expected transformation challenges for financial institutions

In this article, we take a look at some of the key challenges that financial institutions face during their transformation efforts and suggest 6 easy to implement solutions to these problems.

The Pandemic Opportunity: Top Trends That Will Shape the Australian Tech Sector in The Next Normal

In this article, Roger Gibson, our regional head for APAC region and global head for our Communications, Media, and Entertainment practice discusses 6 top trends that will position the Australian tech industry along with the world leaders in the future.

7 habits of highly transformative organizations

What are the indicators of the success of a transformation? In this article, Partner Anmol Jain outlines the 7 attributes that highly transformative organizations have in common.

Elevating the Employee Experience with Microsoft Business Applications Adoption Framework

Elevating the Employee Experience with Microsoft Business Applications Adoption Framework

Organizations must support their employees and customers in adopting Microsoft Business Applications as their key components are implemented. The Microsoft Business Applications Adoption Framework, along with your business expertise, will not only elevate your employee and customer experience but also ensure a successful business transformation.

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