The Risks of Moving to Mature Agile Too Fast: A Cautionary Tale

Speed and agility are the new buzzwords in the industry today but should organizations take heed before jumping onboard the Agile bandwagon?

IBOR Replacement: Bracing for the Change

How the financial industry can fortify their cross-departmental processes and digital contract management ahead of the scheduled 2021 phasing out of IBORs – the long-standing global interest rate benchmark.

Clinical Quality Language: The Litmus Test in Healthcare

Explore why there is a vital need for healthcare organizations today to align with the implementation of a uniform clinical quality language to enable a standardized exchange of information across the sector for successful “whole person-centric” care.

Process Optimization in the Digital Age: A Financial Services Industry Perspective

Are process optimization initiatives currently afloat in the financial industry pertinent in the digital and AI-enabled ecosystem or is a more holistic approach the need of the hour?

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