Why do energy players need to leverage current LNG market trends?

In our new four-part series, we explore how energy companies can best leverage the right tools to harness the opportunity presented by LNG. In Part 1, experts Severyn Dranchuk and Omkar Tambe outline the four key trends leading increasing global demand for LNG.

Navigating the ‘Zone of Ambiguity’ to Solve the Execution Challenge

The game of business strategy is played in the board rooms, while the game of its execution gets orchestrated in the ‘trenches’. Strategy formulation is more of an intellectual endeavor, and execution is where ‘rubber meets the road’. Strategy’s frame of reference is...

The new coffee break: 10 ideas to improve relationships in a remote team

Hybrid working has many benefits but it makes it harder for coworkers to connect. Experts Aksel van Elteren and Jesús Barrera call for a return of the coffee break, outlining 10 tips on how to foster relationships in a remote working team.

SAP S/4HANA business transformation: Why a winning OCM strategy is key

In Part 1 of our five-part change management series, expert Michael Hendrix outlines how organizational change management can ensure a successful journey to SAP S/4HANA business transformation.

The ESG Data Challenge: Part 1

The ESG Data Challenge: Part 1

While financial institutions (FI) have come a long way in streamlining their financial data, they are now facing a familiar challenge in repeating the process with the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) data. One of the main differences in sourcing ESG data is...

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