Using Cloud as MD&A Accelerator: Three cloud decisions to get right in an M&A Transaction

The growth of the M&A market has accelerated at a record pace over the past 3 years, driven by a variety of factors. While the practice of M&A has been a staple over the years, emerging and newly established technology trends such as the cloud computing...

Four steps to creating a successful ‘talent marketplace’

The ‘great reset’ has triggered a disruption in how we work and the segregation of who does what work. Most people collaborate on multiple projects, are part of multiple teams, and have a fluid job responsibility. We now know that our jobs are not fixed, repetitive...

How to Engage Employees in the Age of Disruption through Change Adoption Strategies

While many organizations realize their immediate need for change, research indicates that more than 70% of failed transformations fail due to people issues2. For this reason, program change managers must examine the change adoption journey for employees in a hybrid...

Delivering successful digital and cloud transformation programs with a product management driven approach

There is an increased focus across industries on transforming business models using digital and cloud-based strategies. In recent times, Infosys Consulting and leading financial services firm have embarked on an ambitious journey to build the institutional retirement...

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