Do you have the right maintenance strategy in place?

Operations and Maintenance managers are under constant pressure to make sure that plants are running at full capacity. Unforeseen failures and unplanned downtime are a challenge. Their responsibility is to plan appropriately and to choose the right maintenance...

How to intelligently manage technology debt?

co-authored by Joerg Veidt, Vinayak Bhardwaj and Jennifer Chung.  Technology debt is a cause of inefficient software development, security vulnerabilities and unfunctional software.  And while everybody agrees that technology debt should be tackled, the budgets,...

5 ways retailers can into tap the game changing potential of generative AI

2023 is generative AI's standout moment. Its growth has been explosive and it's showing no signs of slowing. For retailers, adopting generative AI across multiple touchpoints offers the opportunity to enhance their brand value by offering customers a ‘never...

Unlocking competitive advantage in an agile enterprise with organizational ambidexterity

Discover how organizations can leverage their competitive advantage in VUCA markets through organizational ambidexterity. Learn about an employee-centric enablement approach to evolve growth mindsets and the dynamics that jointly build a unique selling point in a...
Energy Systems of the Future

Energy Systems of the Future

The energy industry is evolving at a rapid pace due to many factors; from the acceleration of the energy transition, new sources of energy production being introduced into the energy mix, increasing electrification across industries, changing customer behaviors and...

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