Social mobility: key initiatives to tackle the tech crisis

High-skilled jobs require high-skilled workers, so the opportunities in sectors seeing continued growth are only as good as the talent we have to fill them. Unfortunately, we are amid a talent crisis, with the tech, professional and specialized sectors especially...

IT Financial Management: The Managed Services Way

The IT financial management process (ITFM) is a key capability for both the IT department and the office of the CIO, as it helps to maximize efficiency of IT budgets and return on investments through a two-pronged strategy. It not only helps establish cost...

The pitfalls of ignoring Change Management

Everyone lives, works, and interacts with a world that is constantly changing; yet, in business, roughly 70% of change initiatives fail[1]. Infosys Consulting was retained to help rollout a new cost tracking and forecasting tool; the rollout ended after eight months...

Getting deeper into sustainability assessment for trade and supply chain finance

co-authored by Gerardo Salonia What may it imply for banks? 1.Likely implications for banks The title already suggests its main conclusion: there are effectively no implications as of today, however there will certainly be. It may not be clear what banks will need to...
Demystifying Australian CDR

Demystifying Australian CDR

Australia's open banking regulatory framework, consumer data rights (CDR), since its launch in Jul '20, has made considerable progress in the banking sector, with the energy and communication sector to follow. CDR is an opt-in service for the customer upon consent....

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