CHIPS Act catalyzing Semiconductor innovation in the US

Since the CHIPS Act was signed into law in 2022, it has made substantial progress in strengthening the U.S. semiconductor industry by igniting a renewed focus on American innovation, workforce development, and semiconductor manufacturing. This article explores some of...

How geopolitics impacts supply chain regionalization in the semiconductor sector

The semiconductor industry is at the heart of technological advancements. Being a linchpin in powering innovation, semiconductors are in high demand for high-performance computing, which is accelerated by AI applications and the ubiquitous nature of connected devices....

A cloud transformation roadmap to accelerate chip design

The integration of next-gen technologies into industrial products and personal devices has transformed semiconductors into a critical commodity across industries. It has increased demand for semiconductors in terms of both quantity and functionality. Semiconductor...

Revolutionizing Wealth Management: Unleashing the Power of AI to Boost Financial Advisor Revenues

In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial services, embracing technology is no longer an option; it's a necessity. Financial advisors, often considered the architects of wealth creation, can significantly amplify their success by integrating Artificial...

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