Can tree-search-algorithms be a game-changer in banking?

How tree-search-algorithms can enhance the effectiveness of bankers in commercial banking…

Finding Your Voice in Virtual Communications: 7 Tips for Leaders

Authentic communication is vital in creating effective relationships built on trust and has become an important leadership skill.

The 3 dimensions of successful customer experience programs for telcos: An Introduction

In this 3-part article, we learn from the example of global telcos who are building the right capabilities and unlocking full value from their CX transformation. We also provide our recommendations on the actions telcos must take to delight their customers and maintain a competitive advantage.


COVID-19 has been a force of change and a catalyst for innovation in the telecom industry. Telecom trends that were once viewed as emerging technologies have become necessary infrastructures for economies to function. We explore the 5 key tech trends that the telecom industry can expect and prepare for in the coming year.

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