2023 is generative AI’s standout moment. Its growth has been explosive and it’s showing no signs of slowing. For retailers, adopting generative AI across multiple touchpoints offers the opportunity to enhance their brand value by offering customers a ‘never experienced before’ feeling.

At Infosys Consulting, we have significant experience in identifying the potential of gen AI in this sector. This article outlines five of the high-impact use cases we have seen from working with clients since 2015.

  1. Clientele scouting on social media for targeted marketing

Social shopping is the new way Gen Z and Gen Alpha shop today, and generative AI can leverage their posts and hashtags in several ways, including:

  • Curating exclusive event attendees list: Creating a probable list of invitees for grand events and enabling the brand to develop targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Identifying customers by social listening: Leveraging the activity on the brand’s social media channels and the top influencers who promote the products to curate a list of potential and aspirational customers for redirecting tailored marketing efforts.
  1. Personalizing marketing campaigns to ignite passion and create resonance

Gen Z and Gen Alpha are at the forefront of fashion trends and consume content that aligns with their ideologies. Generative AI can tap into the continuously evolving tastes and preferences of the consumers by summarizing their needs and generating marketing collateral by ingesting trending posts, texts, images on social media.

  1. Generating product designs based on clientele preferences

Young shoppers prefer gender fluid designs, focus on sustainable products, and look for value-for-money simple designs. Generative AI takes these preferences as inputs and allows designers to generate realistic images of their envisioned product to deliver fashion that aligns perfectly with the tastes and desires of the target audience.

  1. Shopper twin for generating new customer personas

The new customer segment is made up of value-based, hybrid shoppers who want to return to basics and demand authenticity.

Generative AI can help product design teams create digital twins of existing shoppers and develop new personas. The team can conversationally chat with these shopper-twins to understand customers in a more personalized and intimate way, and even receive feedback on existing products. This also elevates the experience of the designers and can make them more productive

  1. Virtual try-ons to generate a customer digital self

With most sales predicted to still come from physical stores, providing experiential retail experience to these young customers is paramount.

Generative AI can create real-time deep fakes that allow customers to virtually try on products that may not be physically available in the stores yet. Whether it’s the latest runway masterpiece or an upcoming launch, customers can explore these exclusive pieces on-demand enhancing the sense of exclusivity and helping in reducing returns, waste, and the brand’s carbon footprint.

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Saibal Samaddar

Saibal Samaddar

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Tanushree Halder


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