Data and analytics are crucial for pharmaceutical company leaders to make educated decisions. Data is precious in this era of digital revolution. The cost of the dataset subscriptions from data providers is significant, and the cost of the analytics run on these customized datasets is considerably higher. Although large pharmaceutical corporations may readily afford such subscriptions, mid-cap and small-cap pharmaceutical enterprises may find it to be an expensive affair.

The pharmaceutical industry in Europe is always expanding, and NHS is one of the organizations that offer numerous healthcare datasets for free to enhance the continent’s general healthcare system. These databases can be used by pharmaceutical companies to address important commercial inquiries regarding:

  1. Sales forecasting
  2. Sales Force effectiveness
  3. Competitive Intelligence
  4. Market penetration and landscape of any drug or any therapeutic area

With data-driven insights, accelerate your decision-making in the pharmaceutical sector:

Pharma businesses may undertake prescriptive data analysis and make better use of Secondary Care Medicine by collaborating with Infosys Consulting. Large amounts of data may be extracted, compiled, and transformed from open data sources with the aid of software and coding tools, and beautiful visualizations and insights can be created with the aid of highly skilled consultants and top-tier technology resources. Such information can be useful when examining the market and competitive landscape. Data analysis reports are beneficial to clinicians and healthcare professionals because they enable them to deliver high-quality healthcare through preventive care.

Gain a competitive advantage:

Use our advanced analytics capabilities to stay one step ahead of the competition. In order to have a better knowledge of the various therapeutic sectors, we analyze sales and prescription data. Through data analysis, you may have a better understanding of treatments and their potential for the future, which can assist you in identifying market opportunities and driving customer engagement. Drive Growth with customer involvement.

Encourage customer engagement to promote growth

We are aware of how crucial client engagement is in the current industry. Our services give you the tools to improve client engagement and spur growth by using a marketing-focused strategy.

Increase your potential:

Our Infosys Consulting services address important business issues, such as supply and demand evaluations, market landscape analysis, evaluations of inpatient and outpatient flow, market evaluations, and sales and marketing insights. In order to help your sales, marketing, and procurement teams make data-driven decisions that promote success and growth, we are here. Understanding the sales performance of current tablets, capsules, compounds, or brands and evaluating it across different geographies and hospital groups, i.e., Trusts will help you gain a competitive edge through better decision-making about potential collaborations and portfolio management.

Reliable solution:

During the Covid era, the NHS saved countless lives and is destined to improve the entire healthcare system. It offers incredibly detailed data and is a reliable, safe source of information. Analytics using NHS data can address a range of intricate commercial issues related to the life sciences value chain. NHS Digital maintains total information security, making it a reliable data source for all of Europe.

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Himanshu Rao

Himanshu Rao

Senior Consultant

Himanshu has 9+ years of experience in the healthcare sector with expertise in commercial analytics, market intelligence and strategic consulting. Specialized in Portfolio Management & Sales force effectiveness, with proficiency in stakeholder management as scrum master and project manager.

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