High-skilled jobs require high-skilled workers, so the opportunities in sectors seeing continued growth are only as good as the talent we have to fill them. Unfortunately, we are amid a talent crisis, with the tech, professional and specialized sectors especially feeling the pressure right now.

We believe students as young as ten should be getting taught data science, machine learning and natural language processing – embedding the tools for innovation into the education system. Improving talent also means taking steps to hire unqualified staff and convert them into empowered professionals; increasing social mobility in this way has the potential to change lives, giving young people a foot in the door and an equal opportunity to succeed in their chosen field.

At Infosys Consulting, we have several exciting initiatives aimed at increasing social mobility and helping untapped talent to develop in the consulting industry. These initiatives are currently focused on Europe, but we intend to expand these globally.

  1. University of Munich’s ‘Refugee Support Network’

In Germany, our FSI practice collaborated with the University of Munich’s Refugee Support Network to create mentorship and ideation in the workplace. This partnership has enabled a former refugee to join the insurance team in the FSI practice to kickstart his consulting career with Infosys Consulting.

  1. Amsterdam/ Europe client collaboration

In Amsterdam and other European countries, we are collaborating with a client to share experiences and work on initiatives such as helping refugees and coaching young people. With ongoing global crises, this is a crucial time for corporate organizations like ours to support refugees and those in need of safety and support.

  1. Workplace adjustment program

In the UK and some parts of Europe, we have partnered with a large UK banking company on their workplace adjustment programme. We are guiding them on how to drive specific processes such as for RFIs and RFPs and determine a set of tools which will enable people with disabilities for adjustment requirements to work effectively with the banking company.

The current economic climate is increasingly concerning, and recovery support is needed now. Our focus must be on upskilling current and future workforces by investing into training, aimed at the sectors seeing resilient growth, like IT, transport, and infrastructure – something we are putting into practice at Infosys Consulting.

For more information, please reach out to our program team:

Punit Sawhney

Punit Sawhney

Associate Partner

Punit has over 20 years of management consulting & digital integration experience possessing first class sales, delivery and change leadership skills with a proven ability to achieve business outcomes for large and complex enterprises. Punit is an expert in digital transformation, multiple country rollouts and enabling business change turn-arounds globally. He is a member of the EMEA financial services leadership council and leads a number of portfolios across regions.

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