The world must become more adaptive to the accelerated pace of change introduced by disruptive digital technologies that shape the way organizations operate. As the world gets matured, service-focused businesses will become an increasingly viable choice for organizations because of their accessibility and versatility. PMO’s role in digital-first organizations becomes critical because its focus cannot be just managing isolated silos of projects, products, applications, and services. The digital disruption makes it inevitable for the PMO to shift its focus towards strategy realization; this can only be possible when PMO starts to behave like a living organism – learning to adapt to an accelerating pace of change.

PMO-as-a-Service (PMOaaS) [refer to our earlier blog – PMO in the digital age] provides the necessary foundation for becoming “Live” (sentient) – ability for the service to sense the opportunities, challenges, and threats, to respond quickly, and almost instinctively, like living creatures do.

What is Live PMO?


The NextGen PMOs such as PMOaaS have already started supporting and promoting Agile behaviors that are a must for a digital business. However that is not enough because of the expectation to adapt to changes at a much faster pace in a complex environment. Live PMOs make it a reality.

Live PMO focuses on tightly integrating the organization’s ecosystems for a seamless and transparent flow of information that impacts strategy realization. This integration provides the ability to observe things as it happens. As observability improves, the ability to understand, analyze, process, and react becomes apparent, plowing the path for the PMOs to be sentient.


Why is Live PMO a must in the digital era?

Setting up a Live PMO


To transition from a PMOaaS to a Live PMO, there is a need to use an intelligent platform and a reimagined PMO organization. This platform or digital brain will comprise AI, observability, and knowledge graph services, which will equip the PMO with self-service capabilities to accurately anticipate events, take corrective actions, provide insights to stakeholders, and realize strategic objectives.

In next week’s episode, our experts will outline in more details the three elements that compose Live PMO and its benefits.

Nirav Gandhi

Nirav Gandhi

Associate Partner

Nirav has 20+ years of experience in helping clients across the energy and utilities sector. He is highly skilled at running complex, enterprise-wide transformation programs anchored in technology. His experience involves analyzing, recommending, and implementing technical and non-technical solutions, establishing global service lines, developing business cases, senior stakeholder management and leading global migration programs.

Akshay Kakkar

Akshay Kakkar


Akshay is an experienced management consultant with 18 years of experience in helping clients in Energy & Banking sectors in transformational program & portfolio management. He has been the UK portfolio lead for Microsoft delivery & also led large digital transformation programs for fuel cards at the retail wing of an energy major. He also helps clients on service line management & migration programs.

Ranjan Sham

Ranjan Sham

Senior Consultant

Ranjan Sham has 7 years of experience as a consultant in the energy and utilities sector. He has managed multi-functional roles involving Digital Transformation, Product Management, Content & Document Management, Business Analysis, Automation & Strategy. He was also an Engineer for 3 years in a petrochemical and fertilizer complex and has experience in commissioning and operations.

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