A new case study and webinar from industry research firm Celent examines how Infosys Consulting collaborated with Wells Fargo to reimagine the bank’s customer experience and help lead the bank’s digital transformation in commercial, corporate and investment banking.

The multi-year transformation program began in 2019 and looked to drive operational efficiency and reduce risk by leveraging a number of approaches and solutions such as composable building blocks and hyper-personalization. Following the success of the program, we worked with Wells Fargo and Celent, a leading research and advisory firm for financial institutions, to create a case study and webinar on the program. You can watch the webinar on the Celent website.

Webinar Overview

In the webinar, Sachin Rege from Wells Fargo and Swaminathan Sundaresan from Infosys Consulting discuss:

  • Five guiding principles critical to achieving an integrated, frictionless journey across the entire customer lifecycle:
    1. Reimagining customer centricity: Understanding needs and reimagining customer touchpoints across their onboarding and periodic journey reviews.
    2. Digitizing front to back: Digitizing experiences and providing the ability to self-serve on the channel of their choice.
    3. Ensuring cross-LOB consistency: Combining and standardizing common activities, processes and tools to build foundational capabilities that can be scaled.
    4. Deploying data as an asset: Simplifying data environments and driving the delivery of reliable data for strategic decision-making and risk management.
    5. Improving operational efficiency: Driving quantifiable efficiency savings to LoB partners and operations teams
  • How Infosys Consulting worked with Wells Fargo to…
    • Help lead the change with focus on a prototype led approach that identified customer/employee needs upfront and removed ambiguity early in the program.
    • Bring new ideas (low code designs, visualizations for connecting data and documents) so that the time to release was faster.
    • Staff the team with the right blend of design and domain architects to support Wells Fargo through their journey.
  • The objectives and key results (OKRs) that the bank achieved with its reimagined, next generation customer experience.

Request the full case study

Celent also produced a case study that provides more detail on Infosys Consulting’s work supporting digital transformation at Wells Fargo. Please contact Rajesh MenonSwaminathan Sundaresan or Marc Harrison for a copy. You will gain access to the 15-page PDF, which includes an in-depth look at the transformation methodology and program metrics.

The project was also featured in the American Banker: “How Wells Fargo sped up onboarding process for commercial clients.” Visit the article on the American Banker website.


Rajesh Menon

Rajesh Menon

Managing Partner, Financial Services and Insurance

As Managing partner- Financial Services and Insurance (FSI), Rajesh leads the global FSI practice for Infosys Consulting. Rajesh has been with Infosys consulting for 17 years and has played a varied set of leadership roles. Rajesh has helped drive large transformation programs across various themes, regulatory compliance, commercial banking, wealth and asset management with clients like Citigroup, Wells Fargo, American Express, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, UBS and Allstate, to name a few. Some of his industry-leading thought leadership is featured on our Insights digital platform. These include “Capturing next wave of growth in banking: a post COVID-19 roadmap”, “Reinventing Wealth Management in the Digital Age” and “Reimagining Investment Research”. Rajesh is an alumnus of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Mumbai and Stanford Business School and is based out of our New York office.

Swaminathan Sundaresan

Swaminathan Sundaresan

Associate Partner

Swaminathan Sundaresan is an Associate Partner at Infosys Consulting and is focused on driving digital transformation and analytics programs in the space of wholesale banking. Swami has worked with a number of leading global banks in delivering strategic programs at the intersection of Analytics and Digital transformation across the wholesale banking value chain.

Marc Harrison

Marc Harrison

Senior Principal

Marc Harrison is a senior principal at Infosys Consulting and is an innovation and strategy leader with more than 20 years’ experience in the financial services and technology industries. Marc helps design and build digital capabilities and leads engagements on a range of topics in retail and wholesale banking: data and analytics, omnichannel customer experience, digital marketing, mobile, product management and fintech strategy.

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