Today, technology is changing how, where, and when work gets done faster than ever. Continuous innovation in collaboration and productivity technologies have challenged us to create new employee experiences and digital ways of working. One of the most significant technological enablers of the future digital workplace is Microsoft 365. Employees can now work anytime, anywhere, and from any device with Microsoft’s integrated cloud platform through productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, the Office Suite of Applications, and more.

Although these tools are powerful, they cannot stand alone. Organizations must support their employees in adopting the Microsoft Digital Workplace as its key components are implemented. Behavioral and cultural shifts to more agile and innovative ways of working are key in unlocking the power of continuous online presence and collaboration. Shifts in mindsets and skills must be embedded in the employee experience across the change journey, and Infosys Consulting can help guide this journey all the way from awareness to effective adoption.


The Microsoft Digital Workplace Adoption Framework leads organizations through three success pillars: human-centered design, content personalization, and adoption cycles. Each pillar is informed by a cluster of key variables for a given adopter segment, which includes personas, use cases, business metrics, and enabling applications. Together, these variables set a foundation that is essential throughout the entire adoption journey.


We first build a leadership coalition and identify workshop participants to help us better understand your current processes and pain points. Then, we use interactive design thinking workshops to co-create personas, journey maps, and the ‘what’s changing’ story. By the end of the workshops, leaders can see and feel their employees’ experience in the current and future digital workplace. These learnings are then integrated into an OCM strategy and plan that is socialized throughout the organization.


This second pillar is where we bring plans and changes to life. Here, we lead program awareness campaigns, further define the aforementioned ‘what’s changing’ story and new ways of working, and create a library of persona-based communications and training materials for each impacted user group.


Finally, as a part of the third pillar, we coach leaders and business ambassadors to drive communications and training events that will future-ready the organization. We accomplish this by facilitating leadership engagement sessions, assessing business readiness, establishing a change network, and disseminating a ‘what’s changing’ campaign in multiple cycles:

  • The first cycle is at the enterprise level, and activities are executed once over. Although it is important for level-setting, this is not even half of our adoption story.
  • The true business value is then unlocked during multiple cycles, where activities are executed at the individual business level. During this process, we partner with our client teams in design thinking workshops to reimagine how work gets done, not only in their own personal interactions but in how they will engage their coworkers and people across their extended enterprise. This in turn facilitates the highest level of adoption of new ways of working.

The framework, along with your business expertise, will not only elevate your employee experience but also ensure a successful M365 transformation. We look forward to working with you along the M365 Adoption Journey.



Michael Hendrix

Michael Hendrix

Partner, Talent & Organization Practice

Michael Hendrix is a Partner at Infosys Consulting in the Talent & Organization Practice and a 30-year veteran in the IT, consulting, and outsourcing industries. His areas of expertise include workforce transformation, organizational change management, persona-based communication and learning, digital learning experiences, modern workplace, digital business transformation, business development, and practice operations. He helps clients align people, processes, and technologies to drive individual and organizational performance.

Kristina Witt

Kristina Witt

Sr. Principal, Infosys Consulting

Kristina Witt is a Sr. Principal at our talent & organization practice. She has 15 years of experience in market research, multi-media communications strategy and execution, and user experience analysis. She is passionate about uncovering fundamental dynamics and data to enable deliberate decision-making and project evolution, particularly as organizations navigate some of the most challenging digital transformations, including cloud adoption and pushing toward new target operating models.

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