By the time you have finished reading this sentence, the universe has expanded by 4,000 km, the earth has traveled 1,800 km in space and 240,000 stars have been born. At the same time, 2.3 million Google searches have been hit, 150 million emails have been sent and Apple would have generated $70,000 in revenue. Pretty amazing right?

What is truly incredible is the lightning speed that technology and markets are moving at today, dismantling established business models and giving birth to entire new industries.

In essence, an enterprise is very much akin to a breathing organism, pulsing with life and striving to adapt and evolve to survive. But, the intensity of industry disruption and rate-of-change of consumer needs today necessitates staying one step ahead of market demand. In this pervasive digital era, not the fittest, but the most dexterous and visionary will thrive.

The agile enterprise-of-tomorrow must be built on the three pillars of innovation, transformation and re-invention. Metamorphosis must thus become the life force of the ‘live enterprise’.

Amazon today is the epitome of the ‘live enterprise’, pushing the envelope ceaselessly and reinventing the wheel with their innovative products and services. They have not only triumphed in harnessing the latest disruptive technologies but have stirred a whirlwind of market disruption with their pioneering customer offerings – leaving their competitors in the dust. 

With their finger firmly on the pulse of the digital consumer, Amazon has mastered the art of anticipating and responding to their customer needs, and breaking the mold with their game-changing ideas.  Not all new products may strike the right chord with their consumers, but on their fail-fast and auto-correct mode, Amazon rises from the ashes like a phoenix with their next bigger, better innovation.

At Infosys Consulting, we are enabling some of the world’s leading organizations to transform into live enterprises of their own, entwined in a symbiotic relationship with their customers through the power of emerging technologies like machine learning, big data and predictive analytics. Not only are we exploring the vistas of new and disruptive business models for discrete manufacturers, but we are also sowing the seeds of the future in places as far away as the farm, trailblazing from the ground up. 

Some of our passionate pathfinders are currently creating cutting-edge innovations for a leading agri-business manufacturer to move them into the agile dimension. The vision is to help them connect with their customers in real-time through a major digitization program that will reinvent the firm from the inside out.

Other ideas include using AI to detect crop diseases and deploying ground-breaking drone technology to overcome the growing limitations of natural pollination by bees and designing cloud-based driverless tractors for crop farmers. We are delivering the future today, breathing new life into enterprises.

As the trusted advisor to many other Fortune 500 companies, we recognize that to achieve digital transformation at scale is well-beyond any playbook or boardroom directive. We believe, at the core of every client journey must be the life force of agility – this is really the only elixir that will fuel their ignition forward.

Every day we internalize the spirit of the ‘live enterprise’ to its purest sense, and this vision, engrained in our DNA, helps us power our clients forward with their lofty ambitions to re-invent at scale in today’s age of digital disruption. 

Mark Livingston

Mark Livingston

Managing Partner & Global Head, Infosys Consulting

Mark joined technology leader Infosys in December 2018 to lead its thriving global Consulting business.  As Managing Partner, he guides the firm’s overall strategy and direction, leads a global network of 3,000 highly-talented consultants, works hands-on with clients that are some of the biggest and most well-known brands in the world, and drives the organization’s growth agenda and transformation into an innovative digital services leader.

Mark is a highly-experienced consulting leader who spent much of his career at Deloitte, A T Kearny and Cognizant.  He has worked with top-tier clients across a number of industry sectors on large-scale transformations, board-level strategy and turn-around programs, and was the chief architect in building a global consulting organization into a $1 billion business for Cognizant.  

Mark started his career in the United States Air Force where he was a nuclear missile launch officer.  After the military, Mark then spent 13 years at A.T. Kearney where he was the global leader of the strategic IT and business transformation practices.  He also served as the Dallas office managing partner and eventually became the CEO for their Latin America business, based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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