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A New Approach to Customer Relationship Programs

How to create differentiation in the age of the “loyalty-less” consumer. Learn More

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November 2018

Predictive Analytics in Oil Refinery Planning

Leveraging the power of big data to drive operational efficiencies and growth. Learn More

White Paper

Oct 2018

Partnering to Scale an Agile Way of Working

A holistic approach to agile transformation to reduce risks, enhance quality and strengthen customer value proposition. Learn More

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Sept 2018

Realizing a Digital Supply Chain

A transformation blueprint for consumer packaged goods companies. Learn More

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August 2018

A Strategy for Application Portfolio Optimization

A CIO approach to simplify the application portfolio, drive cost savings and minimize risk. Learn More

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July 2018

Digital Product Information

A must-have capability for retailers and CPG firms. Learn More

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July 2018

Customer Experience Insights for Insurance

An approach to using the power of data to maximize customer lifetime value. Learn More

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June 2018

Human Resources in a Digitally Powered World

Find out how to maximize the talents and capabilities of your workforce in the age of automation and join a select group of trailblazing firms who have seen incredible results. Learn More

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April 2018

Customer Experience Insights

How to turbo-charge growth in today’s ultra-competitive retail world. Learn More

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April 2018

Driving Connectivity: Succeeding in the Era of Mobility Disruption

A perspective on how connected cars are transforming business models and elevating customer experiences across the automotive industry. Learn More

White Paper

April 2018

Safety and Traceability in the Food Chain. Powered by Blockchain.

Discover how blockchain will play in helping retailers improve the efficiency & efficacy in food safety programs. Learn More

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March 2018

3D Printing: A Game-Changer for Manufacturing

This two-part e-book series explores how 3-D printing is changing manufacturing and how to leverage technology to gain strategic advantage. Learn More


February 2018

Business Case Planning for Robotic Process Automation

RPA and AI are game changers for boosting efficiencies and achieving cost savings. Learn More


January 2018


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