Applying Cognitive Building Blocks to Complaint Management

Learn how an organization’s customer complaint process can be largely automated by a combination of several cognitive building blocks.

Re-imagining Customer Experience in Telecommunications

With rapid digitization and stiff competition from new players in the market, communication service providers must re-imagine their business, offerings and relationship with their customers in a new way, and fast. We explore the best practices and strategies to build a successful customer experience program.

RPA Driven Transformation: Identifying the Next Automation Opportunity

Businesses face a new set of challenges and lessons that require a “shift” in identifying robotic process automation opportunities and deployment solutions. We explore the key challenges facing businesses today and the strategies to overcome them.

Delivering the Supply Chain Revolution

Embracing the opportunities of digitization is a strategic imperative for every business today – and one that provides very little margin for error. How, then, can businesses get their supply chain modernization strategies right – and what challenges must they overcome?

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