The Ethics of AI: How Business Can Take a Leadership Role

We are at the start of a fundamental societal tipping point, pioneering without a map. Every business today needs to understand the potential risks from AI technology as we forge ahead in our digital transformation journeys, and a code of ethics is the essential moral compass that can accelerate our path to value.

Reduce Cost and Risk Through Application Portfolio Rationalization

Application portfolio rationalization is a powerful technique that can solve many burning issues on the global CIOs agenda today—simplify complex IT landscapes, reduce risks and costs, and power-up enterprise agility. To unlock the full potential of the benefits and sustain momentum, what strategies and methodologies should be put in place?

10 Fundamentals for a Successful Advanced Analytics Program

In the data-driven age, organizations that have successfully implemented an advanced analytics program have achieved remarkable results for their business. But for many, just getting the basics in order can prove to be a deal-breaker. What are the fundamental steps to get it right, the first time?

Driving Connectivity: How OEMs Can Win The New Race (part 3)

A tectonic shift is underway in the automotive world, driven by the Connected Car era which is re-shaping the fundamental composition of vehicles, impacting the products that comprise them and the interactions customers have with them. In such an environment, how should OEMs run their operations to win the new race?

Know your Customer, the right way

The global fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism has intensified in recent years, creating added pressure on financial institutions to identify their clients better than ever before. International regulations, such as the European...

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You Say You Want a Transformation

Failure to address the “human factor” impedes the full realization of business value in technology-driven business transformations . When people don’t adopt new ways of working, productivity decreases, frustration builds, and the ROI you had anticipated is consumed by costly post-implementation efforts to get people on board. A strategic approach to change, with a reliable set of procedures, tools, and principles can help people navigate what is often a highly complex and unpredictable process.

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