How Telcos Can Get Their Service Assurance Right

Recent research tells us that telcos still have the lowest satisfaction rankings of all consumer sectors, worse than banks, insurers and transport companies. It also tells us that more customers are willing to pay extra for excellent service than willing...

Commodity Trading Reimagined: Digitization of Risk

While front and back offices in commodity trading companies have seen significant impact from digitization, risk functions have lagged behind. That may be about to change... Digital technologies are transforming the commodity trading value chain. At the...

5 Game-Changing Digital Solutions Poised to Take the Oil Industry by Storm

The digital tidal wave is here. Whether it’s monitoring home energy consumption using smart meters, or recording a TV program on the set-top box at home while at office, or hailing a cab using Uber, digital has already profoundly impacted the way we live,...

Designing the Right Operating Model for Your Automation Center of Excellence

A properly structured Center of Excellence Operating Model helps enterprises achieve their automation objectives.

A New Digital Imperative

We are at the dawn of the next big emerging technology change where everything is increasingly interconnected in the digital economy – and where software is embedded in all facets of our lives. The technology metamorphosis of today is bringing new opportunities and threats to long-established companies, as innovative upstarts seek to disrupt industries and win market share.

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Picking the Right Automation Tool for Your Job

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence are trends that are clearly approaching peak hype cycle. A wide variety of competing and complementary technologies have emerged that can assist with automation across the spectrum of work. But how do you choose the right? Our 4-step process will clarify your needs to simplify your decision-making process.

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Blockchain – Beyond the Hype

Smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers and initial coin offerings. Blockchain applications and buzzwords are frequently discussed in the news, where it is covered with much hype. We rarely see anyone sensibly evaluate the opportunities to apply blockchain – or discuss the disadvantages and technological hurdles that must be overcome. It’s even rarer to see coverage explaining how blockchain works that is comprehensible for the average person who has not been deeply involved with the technical side of cyber security.

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It’s a New Generation

In the coming years, new technologies such as automation and A.I. will transform industry, causing organizations to continually restructure and retrain their staff for more complex job roles. The good news? Change and disruption are already ingrained in the new generation’s mindset — and the smart money is on organizations that can harness it.

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