Cognitive Building Blocks: The Backbone of Automation in the Enterprise

Applying AI to the business domain promises outstanding automation and collaboration benefits for the organization. Learn how an “AI thinking” approach and a cognitive methodology can create sustainable innovation for your business.

Leveraging Virtual Change Rooms to Increase Profitability

Virtual change rooms have tremendous potential to address the numerous challenges faced by apparel retailers today in optimizing online sales. Learn how you can unlock the value of this new technology.

Can We Afford to Ignore the Blockchain ‘Bubble’ in the Energy Sector?

Blockchain technology can solve some of the energy industry’s biggest and longest-standing challenges, with tremendous potential benefits flowing both upstream and downstream. But, how do we cut through the hype and distinguish poorly thought-out blockchain-based services from the genuinely effective ones?

Keeping Your Application Portfolio Optimization Investment Evergreen

Application portfolio optimization is a powerful tool with multi-faceted benefits for an organization, but, to make an APO initiative truly effective, a rigorous methodology and strong governance culture are imperative.

Leveraging Workplace Personas for Employee Productivity

Workplace personas when married with the right technology enablers, can become the perfect solution to address the problems of under productivity and generalization of employee profiles. It is a powerful tool that can unlock additional and hidden capabilities in individual workers, and enhance organizational growth, health, profits and overall success.

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