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21st Century Insurance

Find out which role telematics will play in automotive, health care and real estate insurance. Learn More

White Paper

October 2017

2018 Third-Party Logistics Study

This report identifies trends and explores how both 3PLs and shippers are working together to improve and enhance their businesses and supply chains. Learn More


September 2017

Integrated Business Planning

How to stay competitive in a fast changing digital landscape with innovative business planning. Learn More

White Paper

May 2017

Robotic Process Automation in Insurance

Why ‘software robots’ are an attractive option for companies that are looking at increasing automation as a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Learn More

White Paper

January 2017

From Digital Experimentation to Digital Transformation

To successfully migrate into a full-scale digital enterprise, companies need to manage the duality of legacy and new digital products. Our experts explain how. Learn More

White Paper

November 2016

Smart Data Transformation

Enterprises can benefit significantly from the inherent wealth of data available in today’s digital era. This study explains how companies of today and tomorrow are surfing the big data wave. Learn More


October 2016

Blockchain Technology and the Financial Services Market

Distributed ledger technology is fast approaching and has the potential to be disruptive within the industry.  See the entire research findings.  Learn More

Research Report

November 2016

Instant Payments

The coming paradigm shift in European banking services will result in dramatic changes. This report explores in detail what’s to come. Learn More

White Paper

October 2016

Strategies for Successful Change Management

Change coaching as a key for creating the organizational mind-set to drive long-term value. This exclusive paper shares the secrets to success.  Learn More

White Paper

November 2016

Better Service – Lower Costs

Customer focus is the key to efficient and successful customer service. This study offers telecommunications companies insights into how quality customer service can save money. Learn More


October 2016

Learning to be More Human – A Skills Mandate for 2020

The services industry is undergoing radical transformation, while the role of people and technology continue to blur. The reasons why will surprise you. Learn More


November 2016

Banking Talent Landscape

To gain competitive advantage and win the battle for today’s most coveted workers, a solid strategy and powerful allies are required. Learn More


October 2016

Digital’s Next Stop – Farming

Technology is transforming farmers’ ability to grow more crops using less acreage, water and fertilizer. This article explores the drivers behind it all. Learn More

Point of View

Ocotber 2016


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